Murder? She Asked


Murder? She Asked is an original play conceived and written by Brushstroke lead creative Grace Chapple, for a Perth FRINGE WORLD 2019 premiere. It marked the second full-scale production for the company, following the previous summer’s Not All A Dream. Instead of following Dream up with a stylistically similar period-drama, Murder? flung it’s cast and crew to the other end of the spectrum. A kooky satire of true-crime and noir cliches, this one-act comedic work was everything classic pub-theatre should be.

Murder? She Asked was a unique exercise in storytelling. Smaller in scale than Not All A Dream, it was ambitious in an entirely different way. Put together with less time, a smaller team, and a venue with all new challenges, it needed a powerful script and performances to rise above the noise. A sold-out run and rave-reviews are testament to that success.

Grace Chapple and Daniel Moxham. Photo by Sophie Minissale

Grace Chapple and Daniel Moxham. Photo by Sophie Minissale

The show is a two-hander. Grace Chapple portrayed Friday Evans, a true-crime podcaster in the mould of the classic hard-boiled detective. Opposite her was Daniel Moxham, who presented an assembly line of weird and wonderful counterparts to our heroine. From book-club yuppy to pan-Euro lothario, each new character proved Daniel’s versatility and comedic capacity.

Photo by Sophie Minissale.

Photo by Sophie Minissale.

Photo by Sophie Minissale

Photo by Sophie Minissale

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Staged simply with overt theatricality and Brechtian performative elements, the play was fast-paced, quick-witted, and no-nonsense.

We were delighted with the response to Murder? She Asked. As a result of public interest, a remount is in the works. To read more about the show, scroll down to see reviews from the debut season. To enquire about performance rights, visit our contact page.

Photo by Sophie Minissale

Photo by Sophie Minissale

The Team


Grace Chapple - Friday Evans

Daniel Moxham - Everyone else


Grace Chapple - Writer

Daniel Moxham - Director

Lily Protter - Producer

David Stewart & Clancy Davidson - Sound Design

Nuala Chapple - Stage Manager

Reinette Roux - Graphic Design

Cassidy Dunn - Production Assistant


Rigby’s Bar and Bistro




"Murder? She Asked succinctly and shrewdly taps into the current popular obsession with true crime podcasts, served up with plenty of laughs. A short sharp theatre treat, Murder? She Asked is the story of a podcaster, Friday Evans, searching for a true crime subject for her next hit on the iTunes Top 100 Podcasts list.

Staged simply, the hero of this gem is the sharp script and does not rely on set or props for laughs. Written by lead performer Grace Chapple, the wit delivered keeps the audience’s ears open, waiting for the next crack or crazy-but-true metaphor."

Full Review at: Fringe Feed

“Enter the steamy miasma of the world of Friday (Grace Chapple) as she takes her obsession with murders and creates a case for herself out of thin air. Chapple’s Murder? She Asked is a hilarious take on the film noir murder mystery, complete with a cast of quirky characters – a hard-boiled detective, socialite, Lothario – all played to perfection by a rather talented young cast.”

Full Review at: Fourth Wall Media